Each apartment has been uniquely designed to create a true universe.

They are conducive to reunions, slow time for lovers and a clever mix of work and local discoveries.

Our extras

2nd simple bed

Baby Bed

Baby high chair
Changing table

Baby bathtub

Games / Toys / Books


The world is made of wood and offers a warm atmosphere, perfect for relaxing after beautiful discoveries. You will feel as comfortable here as at home. This duplex is equipped with air...

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Touches of nature make up this universe. Leaves on the walls or in pots recreate a corner of greenery in the heart of the city. Coffee is taken on the balcony with a book. This air-conditioned...

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Here is the universe that invites you to wander. The chic and bohemian atmosphere is conducive to relaxation and moments of reunion. The two rooms in souplex are the originality. The fully...

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A universe for two where time passes at a slow pace. Soft colors bathe the interior of this apartment. The modern kitchen opens onto the living room and dining area. The room and its natural...

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